4X Human-Centered Growth© 1:1 mentoring

A Leader’s 4X Growth Journey

Today, I am excited to share the story of how a Director of 10 years created 4X Human-Centered Growth© within their wellbeing services company!

It’s not always that we, as change enablers and transformers, get the opportunity to work with a willing leader.

One who moves forward bravely; in spite of challenging circumstances.

A journey that started with personal growth advisory and mentoring progressed rapidly to exponential business growth. The ultimate was not just 4X business growth but a deeper connection to self, others, happiness and purpose.

“Thank you so much for helping me be brave!!”  – Sam N*, Founder and Director, Wellbeing Services Company

Challenge & brief 4X Human-Centered Growth© mentoring

I knew and respected this Director (Sam N) in my business community. I was therefore so thrilled when she asked me to work with her on self-leadership half-way through the pandemic year. Towards the end of the programme, she threw an exciting new challenge my way. An opportunity to continue working together!

She was finding it challenging to align her evolving purpose and values into their culture and business model for growth.

With an ambitious drive and vision but not knowing where to start, she appointed my company Meres Consult to enable them to:

– establish the future service roadmap

– increase growth by exploring untapped markets and

– find a business model that generates revenue without necessarily exchanging time.

Process & action

We immediately got to work on this. We dug into the root cause of current challenging situations that were either stifling desired business growth, decreasing performance or causing personal angst. Through exploring these root causes, we introduced a tailored improved human-centred approach and structure to resolving them. 4X Human-Centered Growth© leadership facilitation

Sam obviously had a commitment and contribution to make too. By applying the simple insights that I mentored and advised her on and taking small actions each day, she experienced a true sense of calm, connectedness and renewed purpose and values. This enabled her to move forward in confidence; leading herself and others through transformational change.

Results – 4X Human-Centered Growth©

Within just 3-6 months we experienced these transformational results:

– Expansion from a rented commercial premises to own premises with 4+ rooms

– Recruitment of additional associates to deliver complimentary services

– Implementation of recurring revenue and upsell model leading to 4X growth


Like Sam, most entrepreneurs or business leaders who provide a meaningful service to others, often avoid growing in a big way or are not sure where to start. I enable you and your business for transformational growth via 1:1 mentoring, board advisory, group facilitation, consulting, speaking engagements and other resources.

The results always exceed our expectations. As Sam says, “Thank you so much for helping me be brave!!”

We thank Sam and her team of associates for this incredible opportunity to be part of their journey!

Meres Consult, where growth meets transformation. Do get in touch.


Maggie Sarfo is an international bestselling author, TEDx and Keynote speaker, advisor and mentor for inspirational individuals, leaders and entrepreneurs who are looking to explore new ways of being, leading and growing their business exponentially. This blog is her playground, where she explores the topics of leadership, business growth, personal growth, purpose and the Akashic Records. Meres Consult

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