Becoming Your Visionary Self

At a time when re-inventing ourselves, our lives, our businesses and organisations is key, the idea of becoming your visionary self is perhaps one that may not be so new to you.

I have recently been in a series of conversations with myself and others about what it takes to become our visionary selves. Yes, I do talk to myself sometimes 🙂

I suspect that most people do. They just don’t admit it too readily!

Firstly, what do I mean by this idea of becoming visionary? In the context of our conversation today, it’s the ability to assess and accept the present state while holding a strong desire into the future. Perhaps we could do this with the intention of a better state; not just for ourselves but in relation to others too? This future desired state doesn’t necessarily need to be bigger; but certainly what we truly desire for ourselves and others in the now.

Let’s hear a story. Some time last year, Jane, my client, was approached by another company to explore doing some partnership work with them. In the process of making the right decision, we discussed the following as they were important considerations for her to tap into and become more of her visionary self.

The visionary life

She wanted to ensure that the partnership was not going to require her to spend more time away from her family. More recently, she’s all about spending less resources for more and quality results. The Balance.

The visionary business or organisation

Jane also needed to understand whether she buys into the ethos and values of this company. For example, how were they creating impact with thier clients and their internal people? Were these aligned with Jane and her company?

Another consideration for Jane was to really review this opportunity and be certain that it was one that would help her and this company to create a future desired state. A state that brought something new and fresh to the world in terms of what is really needed, rather than more of what we no longer need.

The visonary self and people leader

Self leadership simply requires us to be increasingly aware of our thoughts, emotions and actions. This then filters into our decisions and behaviours – either to ourselves or others. The more self-aware we become, the better our ability to dream and take action to create desired states. We become our visionary selves; fully convinced and grounded in our decisions and actions.

True visionary people are simply magnetic to others and to great circumstances. They either get asked to lead others or their visionary self leadership abilities naturally extends their responsibilities into people leadership.

Final Words and Actionable Advice

So how did Jane’s story end, I hear you ask? Well, after much discussions and some negotiations, I’m glad to report that Jane said yes and has started on an exciting visionary journey in her life and with this company.

In a world where everything is changing so rapidly, we can choose to create solutions that view today into the next century rather than solve today’s issues with solutions from the last century.

Are you ready to become your visionary self? Below are some tools to support you on YOUR exciting journey.

For Individuals: Book a Complimentary Call and let’s explore any questions you may have so you can access your gretatest potential.

For Leaders: Check out this Complimentary Culture Wellness Assessment. A powerful assessment that helps leaders to grow in self and organisational awareness

You may also find this short video on ‘How to Create Your Belief’ useful. Enjoy and share your thoughts and experiences with us in the comments below.


Maggie Sarfo is an international bestselling author, TEDx speaker, advisor and mentor for inspirational individuals, leaders and entrepreneurs who are looking to explore new ways of being, leading and growing their business exponentially. This blog is her playground, where she explores the topics of leadership, business growth, personal growth, purpose and the Akashic Records. Meres Consult

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