Embracing Oneness: A Leadership Concept (Part 2)

In today’s blog, we explore embracing Oneness as a leadership concept – Part 2.

Since writing Part 1 of this blog series, I have had such great feedback from readers and fans on how they see this idea of oneness leadership playing out in their various circles – organisational or social. A huge thank you to everyone for your feedback.

From a personal perspective, the last few weeks saw me delivering two keynotes at different events. I used the concept of oneness at the heart of each keynote message; exploring what it means at an individual as well as collective or group level. In both events, they were well-received.

The first keynote was delivered to the AI Tech North conference audience on ‘Leading with AI and Emotional Intelligence for Growth.

With the second keynote, I was with a group of young career starters and alumni of The Sutton Trust during their Online Festival. I spoke about ‘Building Authentic Personal Brands’ for career progression and life success.

In Part 2 of Embracing Oneness as a leadership concept, we take a look at how to adapt oneness in leadership. To jog your memory, let’s reflect on what we discussed in Part 1. We looked at a definition for Oneness, how it is derived from the Human-centred Growth and Leadership model and shared some actionable advice.

How to Evolve Your Leadership Style Using The Oneness Concept

Using Oneness, as a leadership concept means setting the vision and execution plans that bring everyone on to exactly the same page. This ensures that all parties involved have their interest looked after. In other words, all stakeholders understand their intrinsic role, contribution and benefits of a particular objective.

A simple, tried and tested way to adapt Oneness as part of your leadership style is illustrated below:

  • Assess and communicate the impact of the change you need to bring into effect to all stakeholders
  • Allow feedback from others, then create a 360 degree view of the desired future outcome
  • Ensure everyone buys into and is willing to contribute their part to make the vision and newly evolved world come true

The BBC Oneness Leadership Case study

Soon after I came up with the concept of oneness in action, I saw a BBC One advert on TV. It was all about BBC One promoting oneness.

The BBC One ‘Oneness’ idents are a set of on-screen channel identities used on BBC One; originally commissioned with the renowned photographer Michael Parr. Used since 1 January 2017, the idents feature groups of people doing activities in everyday life, with the aim of the showing them coming together in these various ways and with a common vision – being part of BBC One.*

Even though the initial uptake of the concept was not very big, these oneness idents continue to grow stronger and stronger with each iteration of the ad concept. It has become even more popular since the 2020 pandemic. They were refreshed to reflect the lockdown; featuring people coming together from their homes and other locations with the power of technology and of course BBC One.

Although the key message of these idents come from the perspective of what BBC One has to offer, if you look at it from the very basic level, it’s not very different from the oneness concept we’re discussing here.

It makes me think of how similar it is to the Meres Consult Adaptability Change blueprint for oneness leadership. It’s about bringing together and powerfully leading all facets of an organisation: people (internal/external), processes and technologies towards the desired visionary growth. The blueprint maps out how leaders can accept, support, evaluate and co-create with these facets to achieve this desired expansion of their current reality.

One thing that we need to understand is that this concept works for visionary leaders although it can be learned and adopted with any leadership style too.

Actionable Advice 

  1. Everyone is a leader. Take a look at your Self and/or People Leadership and ask ‘How could I adopt Oneness as Leadership Concept’? Then, write down your answer. Writing is a great way of bringing the abstract thought into fruition
  2. If not done so already, download your Meres Adaptability Change Model for some great tips and a blueprint.
  3. Need additional support or have questions? Book a Complimentary Leadership Style Review Here

In case you missed out on Part 1 of this blog series, here’s a reminder.

Finally, remember that embracing Oneness as a Leadership Concept is about bringing a unified vision into focus; that considers the needs of everyone involved; as we progress towards exponential growth or adapt into our new economic or business environments.

Maggie Sarfo is a passionate author, speaker, advisor and mentor for inspirational leaders and organisations looking to adapt for exponential growth or access their highest potential. This blog is her playground, where she explores the topics of leadership, business growth, personal growth, purpose and peak performance. Learn more about her programmes.

*Source - Wikipedia
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