How to Adapt for Growth and Impact

The last time I blogged about adapting for change, growth and impact was right at the start of the pandemic. With our worlds of life and business in such a state of upheaval at that time, I thought that writing about leading in extraordinary times was a good idea.

Dare I say that the shift continues to this day and beyond? As business owners, scaleup or organisational leaders, this calls for consistent evaluation of how well we are adapting. Whenever I receive the opportunity to advise, speak or write on this topic, I always highlight the importance of adapting for growth and impact, rather than adapting for survival.


Adapting for Growth and Impact

My experience and observation with various businesses, scaleups and organisations stand to reason that it takes similar effort and resources to adapt for growth and impact, as it does to adapt to survive.

It’s about staying ahead of the curve and creating real results that matter now. The growth and impact that makes a difference to the people, clients, stakeholders, community, economy, environment and the world at large.

As I looked around for more relevant blueprints to support clients through this extreme shift in our external environment at the start of the pandemic, it quickly became apparent that we did not have a roadmap to navigate our new business world. So, I created one and called it the Meres Adaptability Change model.

It is a blueprint for clients, especially visionary businesses and institutions, to use on their continuous journey of adapting for growth and impact. We now have some real-life success case studies too.

Let’s explore the 3 key stages below.


Phase 1 – Accept, Support and Evaluate

The blueprint which is underpinned by our Human-Centred methods for leadership, growth and sales. It however makes use of well-known change models like the ADKAR and Kotter ones. We then apply the Meres Adaptability elements, which specifically address extreme change circumstances and our modern-day stress considerations. Phase 1 of the model deals with accepting the change, supporting people and their wellbeing along the journey, and evaluating the impact of extreme change across all aspects of the business. This includes staff, clients, stakeholders, technologies and much more.


Phase 2 – 360 Degree View for Adaptable Business Models

Phase 2 invites users to analyse and create 360-degree view of the change, once the evaluation is done. This allows the desired vision and direction of the business or organisation to be designed. The process encourages the consideration a clean slate approach. A clean slate strategy is a way of thinking and visioning that allows us to forget about what we know for a moment; so we can tune into what the world needs now.

Your business is now ready to create new or additional business models, products/services in response to this need.


Phase 3 – Clean Slate to Adapt for Growth and Impact

Ultimately, by applying this blueprint, we are enabled to arrive at a clear, informed decision on how adaptable the business is for growth and impact. We’re also able to understand whether:

  • the business model is fit for purpose as is (with improvements), or
  • a new business model needs to be created alongside the existing one.


Case Studies and Results

Since we launched this model startups, scaleups and organisations across various sectors have successfully adopted and implemented, with great feedback. Sectors include media, professional services, construction, facilities management, healthcare, tech and higher education.

So, what’s next from here?


Next Steps – Join Us Live

My colleague Sham Choudhary and I will be hosting an interactive discussion via a LinkedIn Live event and we hope you can join us. Register here for Live or Replay access.

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Let’s transform your business and its model in a way that matters now, for exponential growth and impact.


Maggie Sarfo is an international bestselling author, TEDx and Keynote speaker, advisor and mentor. She works with inspirational individuals, leaders and entrepreneurs who are looking to explore new ways of being, leading and growing their business exponentially. This blog is her playground, where she explores the topics of leadership, business growth, personal growth and purpose. Visit



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