How to Make Learning Sticky and Unleash Potential

Some of my key clients and good friends usually quote me on this phrase:

“Potential Manifests When You Know What to Do with It”.

Today’s blog on ‘How to Make Learning Sticky and Unleash Potential’ is partly inspired by the wonderfully forward thinking organisation called Remote-How. My company Meres Consult partners with them to deliver various ‘Future of Work’ programmes to other organisations. If you’ve not checked them out, it’s certainly worth doing so.

As someone with a passion for enabling others to unleash their highest and truest potential, I find that the greatest opportunity that we can offer our employees (and others who learn from us) is ownership of this potential.

I share 3 Tips below that we can use to empower others to put learning into practice; so that they can unleash their fullest potential.

For the purposes of context, I’ve assumed that a group of people have undertaken some form of knowledge exchange (training course, workshop, experiential retreat etc.). This can however be applied in any other context that you may choose to apply it to.

TIP 1 – Encourage Learning Integration Sessions

Having had the opportunity to advice and facilitate various learning and knowledge programmes; at group and individual levels, I think this is a crucial step.
A learning integration session is a follow up session after the main session. The main session can be a training programme. The integration session usually happens around two weeks after the training programme.

The aim is to enable participants of the training programme to recall the knowledge or learnings that were previously captured. More importantly, a discussion of what has surfaced for them on reflection, practice and integration over the last couple of weeks or so.
This provides a very rich tapestry and blueprint for all to discuss, learn from and apply in future.

TIP 2 – Build in Role Plays

Role plays in the main sessions are such a powerful method and tool that allows others to remember and apply knowledge and learnings in an impactful way!

Explaining the purpose of role plays in particular scenarios are very crucial. It allows the learner to understand why they need to participate in it. It allows both introvert and extrovert individuals to participate. They also own their roles in the collective vision of the community, business, team or organisation.
This is an example of how giving others their self-power creates much greater ownership of practical application of learnings, enhancing their highest potential too. A win-win-win for all; the learner, knowledge facilitator and organisation!

I could add one more ‘win’ or am I pushing it? Well, I’ll do it any way. A fourth ‘win’ is for Humanity!

TIP 3 – Creative Story Sharing = How to Make Learning Sticky

Storytelling is no stranger to the knowledge, learning and application world. Its effectiveness cannot be underestimated; from folklore and dance, through marketing to sales and customer engagement in the business world.

learning and potential

Incorporating creative stories in the content used for learning and knowledge sharing has a bigger potential to stick with the learner at a deeper subconscious level. Let’s call that ‘Learner Stickiness’ – and yes, I’m copywriting this term 🙂

This Learner Stickiness, at a deeper subconscious level, then translates into memories; that come back when a practical opportunity presents itself for the learner to apply.

So, whether you are a learner, a knowledge facilitator or organisational leader, I hope these 3 Tips have given you some food for thought or even the excitement to try something new next time. Let’s have a call if you’d like to explore more.

It’s about all of us reaching our highest potential after all!

Maggie Sarfo is an international bestselling author, speaker, advisor and mentor for inspirational individuals, leaders and entreprenuers who are looking to explore new ways of being, leading and growing thrie business exponentially. This blog is her playground, where she explores the topics of leadership, business growth, personal growth, purpose and the Akashic Records. Meres Consult

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