People Equals Profitability: Unveiling Your Growth Strategy

As a business leader or entrepreneur, this time of the year is usually great to revisit or expand on your vision for growth. A great way is to always start with the strategy before the execution plan.

In the dynamic world of business, the phrase ‘people are our greatest asset’ has never rung truer. As we venture into this year, understanding the deep-seated connection between our people and profitability is paramount. The “People Equals Profitability Matrix” provides a groundbreaking blueprint to not only understand this connection but also, to harness it for exponential growth. Join us for the upcoming LinkedIn Live interactive discussion or watch the replay.

People Equals Profitability Matrix Unveiled

At the heart of this matrix lies the principle that every employee, from the ground level to the C-suite, significantly impacts the bottom line. This matrix categorizes employees based on their contributions to both company culture and financial success. This contribution also includes their learned skills and innate abilities. The four quadrants as seen below – High Culture/High Profit, High Culture/Low Profit, Low Culture/High Profit, and Low Culture/Low Profit – serve as a guide for leaders to assess, develop, and strategically place their workforce in line with their profitable growth.

So, Why Does it Matter?

Business and organisational leaders who fail to recognise this matrix in one way or the other find it challenging to spot the root cause of and resolve people and financial growth issues.

More often than not when my associates and I are called to intervene, we’ve also seen this challenge as the reason business growth pains: inability to scale, struggling growth, people recruitment/retention issues and much more.

Leveraging People in Your Growth Strategy

Here are some of the key benefits that some of the businesses and organisations we’ve worked with have harnessed as a result of leveraging the matrix and people as part of their growth strategies.

1. Investing in People Development:

Training and Upskilling: Tailored programs to enhance skills and align them with future business needs.

Leadership Development: Cultivating the next generation of leaders from within.


2. Enabling a High-Performance Culture:

Employee Engagement: Initiatives to boost morale and job satisfaction.

Inclusive Leadership: Encouraging diverse perspectives and inclusive decision-making.


3. Strategic Talent Recuitment and Retention:

Hiring for Cultural Fit and Potential: Prioritizing candidates who resonate with the company ethos and exhibit growth potential.

Employee Value Proposition: Strengthening retention strategies through competitive compensation, benefits, and growth opportunities.


4. Data-Backed Human Capital Decisions:

People Analytics: Utilising data and innovative technologies (including AI and emotional intelligence input) to make informed decisions about talent management.

Performance Metrics can be improved by aligning employee performance metrics with business objectives.


5. Innovative Work Models:

Flexible Working Arrangements: Embracing hybrid and remote work models.

Work-Life Integration: Promoting a balance that enhances productivity, satisfaction and aligned personal and organisational values.


Actionable Advice:

Today, I invite you to share one insight or strategy for leveraging people in your business this year in the comments below. Together, let’s redefine the future of business where people and profitability synergise for extraordinary success.

PS. Register for our upcoming LinkedIn Live as we throw more light on this matrix and contribute to your 2024 exponential growth strategy.



As we embrace this year, the People Equals Profitability Matrix is not just a tool but a mindset shift. By investing in our people, aligning their growth with our business objectives, and nurturing a culture that thrives on innovation and inclusion, we set the stage for a year of remarkable financial growth and profitability.

By Maggie Sarfo and Sham Chaudhry. – Transformational Growth Strategists.

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