As we are a few weeks into January, I’m sure you’ve done your fair share of relaxing, goal and intention setting, strategising and planning for the new year and decade. Are you now ready to set sail into a great new year?

So, how far have you gone with breaking your boundaries.

Vision Boards

You’ve probably taken it a step further and done a vision board. It possibly includes, your family, loved ones, team, business etc. I recently got invited to do career coaching for a wonderful group of people as they make plans for the next phase of their careers. The programme included vision boarding, which was simply awesome! Thanking Gill Cooke and her StemConnext team!I mention this because the importance of visualising or visioning your plans and intentions cannot be over-estimated. A good friend of mine recently referred to their vision board as a dream board. What an apt description for it, I thought! It’s about creating on purpose.

Well, I’ve done my fair share of dreaming, visioning and hibernation over the last few weeks, while exploring what it will take for me to break boundaries this year.

Believing New Things

So, after exploring the subject further with a few wise people, here are 3 Tips to Break Your Boundaries this year and beyond. You may also be inspired by the idea of believing new things as way of breaking new boundaries this year.

How could we do this? I would like to encourage you to explore and practise these 3 tips to break your boundaries.

3 Tips to Break Your Boundaries

  1. WHAT – Write down ‘The One Thing’ you would like to break boundaries with this year.
  2. WHY – Write down why it is so important for you to break boundaries and create or achieve what you would really like to achieve with this one thing this year.
  3. HOW – Write down the one small step and action you will be taking today to enable you start your journey to achieving this one thing.

Bonus Tip 1 – Write down where you see yourself by Dec 10th this year once you have achieved this one thing. It works really well if you can imagine, visualise or think about yourself in exactly that scenario of you celebrating achieving or co-creating this one thing (possibly with others).

Bonus Tip 2 – As holistic beings, it’s important to do this exercise for at least two things that you are looking to create this year. One personal and perhaps one professional/business related. This helps ensure that you’re creating your success in a balanced way.

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Once you’re done with the exercise above, why don’t you go ahead a create a vision board? Perhaps you may want to add some affirmations? You can also create a daily routine to accelerate your success.

Support From Your Akashic Records

Seeking more soul level information or understanding from your Akashic Records could be a great way of accelerating success. For example, have you broken this boundary before in previous life times? If so what gifts do you already possess from higher aspects of you that can be brought into the now to support you? What are the Akashic Records - Part 1

Such information could also reveal specific soul level blocks in the past, present or potential future paths that may need to be released for you to co-create with the universe faster.

And this new enlightening information can all be added to your vision board, affirmations, visualisations and daily routines to activate your highest potential self faster!

So, how have you been breaking your boundaries? Any questions or suggestions, please comment below and let’s make this happen! Do you know someone who will benefit from this simply hit the share button and thank you for sharing!