Akashic Records


The word Akasha is a Sanskrit word which means ether or space. We can also refer to it as the etheric realm (in spirituality) or universal space (in quantum science or mathematics). If you’ve not heard of the Akashic Records yet; that’s perfectly fine. You’re probably in the majority, so let’s delve into this meaty topic, shall we?

Akashic Records and Self Transformation

Huge shifts are happening at an individual and collective level on our planet right now!
We are having the opportunity to revisit our true states of life; which is joy and the highest form of love.
Getting there requires a much deeper level of getting to know ourselves. Our willingness to do some self-transformation work is key. As part of this evolution, new channels of addressing our life challenges and now open to us. One of the greatest tools that we have on our planet at the moment is the Akashic Records.

References to the Akashic Records or the Book of Life date back to antiquity. It is referred to in almost any conscious or spiritual practice as well as in neuroscience and DNA healing. It’s also interesting to see Quantum Science and Technology coming together to validate the same information on the universe from various angles.

What are the Akashic Records?

Your Akashic Records are deep and highest-level information about your soul’s path – past, present and future evolutionary paths. Being able to tap into your Akashic Records is hugely valuable in helping answer deep questions about you and receiving suggestions to live the life of your dreams, happily. This includes life purpose, financial, relationships, career, mission etc.

The Akashic Records go by the concept that the universe as a whole is Akasha. Every event that happens in the universe is recorded in its DNA; which includes us, as humans. Sometimes, when we are confronted with challenging life situations, it is ideal to get to the root cause of the situation in order to find the best solution. This is why people also refer to the Akashic Records as the Library.Passage between library bookcases Free Photo

In visualisations and altered states, some people actually see their Akashic Records in the form of a book or a library. The Akashic Records are the individual records of a soul from the time it leaves its original Source until it returns.

When we decide to experience life, there is a field of energy created to record every thought, word, event, emotion and action generated by that experience. That field of energy is the Akashic Records.

How Akashic Records can help you

An Akashic Records consultation gives you access to your soul’s records to address and heal challenged aspects of you that prevent you from living to your fullest potential. We can eliminate all guess work; delving into past, present and future evolutionary paths.

For instance, we can look at why we have addictive patterns, choose certain relationships, create our habitual responses, and how to create the life we want.

We can then live to your fullest potential and in relation to others – personal life, career/business, relationships, financial etc. A great way to move forward in our lives with confidence; removing all doubt.

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60 mins Akashic Records Consultation 

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In addition to individuals, all entities including businesses, buildings, animals, groups of people (the collective) etc. have their Akashic Records too which can be accessed for information required in order to make positive changes or overcome challenges.

The healing and clarifying energy of the Akashic Records allows us the freedom to choose grace in all things; overriding any illusion we may have created that causes us to believe we are separate from our true selves or Source.

It is one of the most powerful tools available on the planet today to support our self transformation journeys.

How to Prepare for Your Consultation

Your consultation can be online via video/audio call or in person if based in London UK or I happen to be geographically at your location. We love serving our global clients across the continents.

  • Make a list of questions to work from that you would like answered. You do not want to waste any time trying to decide what to ask.
  • Have a pen/paper to jot down important aspects of the information you receive. The session is however audio recorded and shared with you after the consultation. Good for future reviews to measure how far you’ve come on your journey.
  • Allow at least 1 hour for your consultation. This is an important moment so do allow yourself enough time and space.
  • No recreational drugs or excessive alcohol for 24 hours before your consultation. Prescription medications are acceptable.

Some suggested guideline questions:

What is my greatest challenge/fear at this time? What is the root cause of it? What are my resources to resolve it? What lesson am I to learn from this? What is my path of least resistance to resolve this issue?

  • What talents did I incarnate with that I need to use now to further my growth?
  • Relationships?
  • What resource(s) can I utilize to assist me with parenting, my marriage etc.
  • What is the underlying issue between _______________ (mother, boss, spouse, etc.) and me?
  • What do I need to know about this? How do I bring this into resolution?
  • What messages do my higher self, higher power, universal consciousness, spiritual guides (angels, guides, ascended masters, etc.) want me to know at this time? You can replace these names with which whatever ones work best for you e.g. Source, God ….

Everyone experiences their Akashic Records in a unique way. What seems to be always common is a feeling of calmness, profound love and non-judgement.