TED Talk: Emotional Intelligence and AI

Increasingly the idea of exploring the blurred line between programmed and human emotions is coming to light. My more business and techy minded folks will describe this as the intersection of emotional intelligence (EI) and artificial intelligence (AI). I am delighted to share this vlog on my recent TED Talk focused on this topic.

It is my intention that at the end of reading, watching or listening to it, you will be open to exploring an idea. An idea that may or may not be new to you.
It goes like this…Combining AI and Emotional Intelligence is essential for Life.


TED Talk Summary

Technology is evolving faster than ever before. AI is here to stay. It’s not the problem. It’s an opportunity for us to develop our skills and abilities even further or at a faster rate – our Emotional or Human Intelligence. EI must complement AI for in order for us to realise AI’s true potential.

This talk takes us on a reality and future of work perspective journey. What are the implications for tapping into our natural wisdom to make real AI impact?

Through a number of stories, we illustrate some key points in this Ted Talk. These include:

1. What Emotional Intelligence has to do with AI

2. Why we need a new kind of human to bridge the gap between machines and humans with Emotional Intelligence (The Aquaman)

3. Exploring our Role in the Future: Sanity vs Vanity AI Programming


Watch the Full TED Talk Here


Final Words and Actionable Advice

If we, as humans are intelligent and wise enough to develop technologies that can learn and develop on their own, we are all certainly capable of evolving and developing our human wisdom further.
AI is here to stay. It is not the problem. To advance better, can we be part of an exciting, harmonious, new world as more evolved Emotionally Intelligent humans living with AI systems?

Or, will we be left behind?
EVERY ONE has the ability to do this.
REMEMBER – Emotional Intelligence is our natural birthright.
YOU have the Power as AQUAMAN! And with this Power Comes Great Responsibility TOGETHER.



My sister Kate … who is an avid inspirer and supporter of the creation and use of tech for good.
Together with Sharon; thank you for allowing me to use you as my fake audience.

Gill Cooke, Sasha Polakov, Josephine Hibou and all the wonderful TEDx Youth Brookgreen speakers and audience – thank you for this opportunity to share an idea worth spreading via TED.
Irina Suvorova – My TED Speaker Coach, you rock!

Everyone else – Thank You – Do share your thoughts and experiences with us in the comments!

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at https://www.ted.com/tedx


Maggie Sarfo is an international bestselling author, TEDx speaker, advisor and mentor for inspirational individuals, leaders and entrepreneurs who are looking to explore new ways of being, leading and growing their business exponentially. This blog is her playground, where she explores the topics of leadership, business growth, personal growth, purpose and the Akashic Records. Meres Consult




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