Why Maggie Loves to Speak

Do you like speaking?

Well, not any kind of speaking. I mean do you like public speaking? If you ask me that question now, I’ll say yes. In fact, I might even respond by say ‘Oh I love public speaking’.

This does not mean that I don’t still experience the sweaty palms, heart-pounding, legs-shaking, dry-throat and all those other feelings that come with public speaking. It’s especially so each time I choose to make a bigger leap in this aspect of my self expression and contribution to the world. This could be the case when I’m about to get on stage in front of a newer type of audience, a larger audience in their 1,000s, talk about a newer thought-provoking subject or simply step up out of my comfort zone.  

I overcame this by simply taking deeper breaths, making the most of my surroundings at the given moment and bringing myself back to the feeling of excitement.

A wiseman once told me that ‘fear’ is ‘excitement’ without the breath!

I must say that these days, I hardly experience stage fright symptoms because I ran on so much excitement whenever I receive the opportunity to speak or get booked on a speaking engagement (online/offline).

So I think now is a great time for you and I to have this conversation. Why, I hear you ask? Well, I’ve just returned from my latest international speaking engagement in Australia, booked another one in the US and this month also marks the anniversary of my TEDx Talk here in London last year on Emotional Intelligence and AI.

So, why does Maggie love to speak?

Reason 1 – The Early Days

My earlier memories of speaking as a kid range from gathering kids from the neigbourhood, to tell them stories, to teen Summer camp experiences. I would ask these kids questions and was ultimately very intrigued by the answers and questions that came back from them.

Then one Summer vacation during my early teens, I even got myself a part-time job as a nursery teacher. I think my entrepreneurial spirit started at a younger age than I care to admit. Imagine my excitement when I learned I could speak to the kids and get paid for it…

Then came the Summer youth camps I attended and my first exposure to public speaking classes; practising in front of other teens.

I must say that the part of me that wants to be in front of the crowd, singing, dancing, reciting a poem, acting a good role in a play etc. all played their parts here in ‘Why Maggie Loves to Speak’.

Reason 2 – The Developed Days

Presenting my vision and goals for my work during my 15 years in the corporate, small and midsize business worlds have fanned my flames and passion for speaking. Yes, I had some far fetched stories, I know! Thank you to all who humoured me including the wonderful Simon Hebdon, Alan Coates and Joanne Lyall.

These are three of my greatest leaders and mentors. They always believed in what I said because, it didn’t matter whether what I said was maintream or popular belief – they knew I delivered the results over and above. Plus my heart was in the right place.

Then came the opportunities to speak at events, summits, conferences, boardroom and other leader rountable facilitations.

My favourite way of playing this speaking game is the idea of planting a seed in the audience’s mind; in a way that leads to an aha moment. This can be either during the event or a recollection in the future.

I often get asked about my key focus keynote topics so watch my Speeker Reel video above to find out more….

Emotional Intelligence and AI, Self transformation, Business transformation, Leadership; and how these topics are interlinked.

Speaking and impacting in our own authentic way is about trusting yourself to observe, experience and say what you feel like expressing; especially when there is value in it. Not just for yourself but others too.

Imagine, my surprise when people gave feedback along the lines of what ‘I said was profound’…

During my entrepreneurial days, I’ve been able to broaden my audience so it’s not only business leaders and entrepreneurs but also younger generations, international audiences, personal growth retreats, etc.

The key word here as to ‘Why Maggie Loves to Speak’ is ‘IMPACT’.

Reason 3 – Now and the Future

So, what keeps me even more excited now? What does the future speaking engagements that are booked directly through me, my speaker bureaus or agencies look like?

The future is all about IMPACT and INSPIRING GROWTH in every continent. My audiences are predonimantly individuals, leaders and entrepreneurs looking to explore new ways of being. They choose to live their happiest balanced lives with others and grow their businesses (if applicable) exponentially. I also jump at opportunities inspire our younger generations as per my TED Talk, where we explored AI, Emotional Intelligence and the future of work.

I am beyond excited to keep spreading these little aha moments of joy. Afterall, that’s a key reason why Maggie loves to Speak…

Actionable Advice

So, do you love to speak too and if so why? Share with us in the comments.

Are you a speaker bureau agent, event/conference or retreat organiser and curious about what I’ve shared so far? Let’s have a chat. Connect via our website here.

Finally, whatever you love doing, I hope this blog inspires you to be more and become your wildest dream!


Maggie Sarfo is an international bestselling author, TEDx and Keynote speaker, advisor and mentor. She works with inspirational individuals, leaders and entrepreneurs who are looking to explore new ways of being, leading and growing their business exponentially. This blog is her playground, where she explores the topics of leadership, business growth, personal growth, purpose and the Akashic Records. Meres Consult


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