3 Ways to Inspire You and Others

How do you inspire yourself and others?

Sometimes, given the circumstances around us, we may find it challenging at best to motivate or inspire ourselves and others. When was the last time you felt mentally, emotionally and physically stimulated to do something hugely creative?

Was it so brilliant and timely that you even forgot to pay attention to, or recognise where the surge of emotion and action was coming from?

That, was because you had shifted focus into a state of operating at ‘highest potential‘ rather than the level you are normally expected to operate at (under the influence of external factors).

Why You Need to Inspire You and Others

Inspiration starts from within the self, spreads to others!

I happened to be in a conversation with a couple of inspirational leaders recently. These are very creative people. One of them has recently written a very inspirational book. The other, is into the world of designing really cool and amazing accessories for the fashion industry; specifically shoes, bags and similar accessories.

We shared a lot of inspiration during our conversation. Most of the conversation was centered around where they derived their inspiration from.

I’m increasingly finding that inspiration shared, carries with it a ripple effect. This is why we need to inspire ourselves and others.

3 Ways to Inspire You and Others

Here are 3 tips to consider and implement today:

  •  find quiet moments for and within yourself to experience what an ideal scenario looks like with regards to your creative expression


  • focus your abilities and attention on things that really excite you


  • look for opportunities to share your exciting inspiration within a community of like-minded people


I have had the opportunity to do a short live video this week talking about how a conversation with a wonderful lady called Sophie Fleming really inspired me to look at inspiration from a different angle.

The Ripple Effect of Inspiration

Let’s take a look at really creative and inspirational brands that we find in our time; like Google, Apple, Uber etc. What they all have in common is the ripple effect that a single inspirational idea and product/service has had on a group of people, a community and ultimately on the world.

Pause and ask, who is my inspiration today? Who am I inspiring today!


Maggie Sarfo is a passionate author, speaker, advisor and mentor for ambitious business executives, entrepreneurs and professionals looking to explode growth revenue, create new markets or access their highest potential. Her blog is her playground, where she explores the topics of business growth, personal growth and peak performance. Learn more about her programmes.

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