Beyond the Pandemic: Leading in Extraordinary Times

Leading in extraordinary times like these and beyond Covid-19 requires all the stops to be pulled. Literally.

It does not mean doing more of what we know; which has always worked. It means stopping in our tracks to examine our organisations and businesses more carefully. The opportunity to explore completely new, or perhaps not so popular directions.

So, having had the opportunity to effect some refreshingly drastic changes in my own businesses and exploring diverse and interesting directions with the majority of my clients, I thought now is a good time to share some views and observations on leading in these extraordinary times.

As usual, I have also had the opportunity to confer with a diverse range in leaders across various industries and fields; from entrepreneurial and SMEs to global corporates.

Tips to Consider When Leading in Extraordinary Times

1. Strongly analytical minds

For successful decision making during these times; curb strongly analytical minds.

2. Encourage a culture of ditching

Explore the idea of ditching most of what used to work. Some might call it a visionary leadership style. Some may try to go back to their old norm. They might as well also consider the idea that they may be already obsolete; in the majority of our fiercely competitive marketplaces.

3. Embrace the clean slate

Creative innovation is certainly the way forward according to early adopters and forward-thinking resilient leaders. A distinction here to note is that these leaders are not ditching existing products, services, customers and other stakeholders. Instead, they are enhancing the existing business models with the new learnings and opportunities that the lockdown period of Covid-19 has presented. Others are creating a completely new business model alongside the existing ones in response to change, opportunity and commitment to their mission.

The Reality of Leading in Extraordinary Times

So what does this look in practice, I hear you ask?

It means embracing new leadership, business and culture models and prioritising learnings. Keeping the previously learned skills as a wealth of resource to reapply in context to the new world is crucial.

An incredible amount of innate abilities have come to the fore during lockdown period. People have been allowed to explore hugely creative ways to deliver their otherwise prescribed work. Best in class leaders are allowing these new ways of making decisions and improving on them. They are acting on them and getting results to inform and influence the future of their companies and organisations.

Responding to the newer needs and challenges of people and business requires the use of these newer approaches.

Actionable Advice:

Ask and jot your answers down – remember not to strongly analyse this 🙂

  1. Has our business changed? If so, how has it impacted our model, processes etc.?
  2. How have our people changed?
  3. What changes are required to support clients, suppliers, stakeholders etc.?
  4. How have our technologies changed?

Once you have these responses, proceed to paint a vision of what the new world (post Covid-19) looks like for you and your business & team.

For further support let’s discuss how to chart your tailored business adaptability blueprint. This can support you greatly on the transition journey. You can book your complimentary Business Adaptability Strategy call.

Leading in extraordinary times can be hugely challenging but also brings an equal level of refreshing opportunities. When explored from the right angles, this can hugely pay off with exponential growth! I hope this blog gives you food for thought and a thrilling edge to dip your feet in; towards the path less trodden. It may well be your leadership path of least resistance.

After all, no leader I’ve met yet craves becoming obsolete.

Maggie Sarfo is a passionate author, speaker, advisor and mentor for inspirational people looking to explode sales growth revenue or access their highest potential. This blog is her playground, where she explores the topics of purpose, business growth, personal growth and peak performance. Learn more about her programmes.

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