3 Tips to Overcome Self-Limitation with Purpose

Most people on a quest to access their highest potential do come across self-limitation at one point or another. While some see self-limitation as a stumbling block to success in all aspects of their lives, others see it as something that is inherently a part of them.

Last week, I was asked to deliver a talk on ‘Overcoming Self-Limitation’ at the London Leadership Forum, hosted by the British Library (thanks to The Sister Sister Network and Uspire Group).

3 Tips to Overcome Self-Limitation

Below are 3 tips to overcome self-limitation, which I shared on the topic to an audience of great leaders, aspiring ones and individuals with a huge interest in their own personal development and self-leadership.


TIP 1 – Embrace Self Leadership

  • Acknowledge the limiting belief – write it down! e.g. “I cannot run 10K in 60mins”
  • Then affirm that ‘YOU are not your limiting belief!’


TIP 2 – Be willing to Evolve and Grow

  • Create a counter-statement – e.g. “I can run 10K in 60mins effortlessly”
  • Accept this on a Physical, Mental and Emotional level.


TIP 3 – Connect your Why (Purpose)

  • Take one action to bring that counter statement into being! e.g. Register for the next 10K run in your nearest City or town.
  • Recognise and involve others in your quest to overcome self-limitation.
  • Winging it only goes so far…be authentic and genuinely learn, practice and use tolls that help you become the ‘no limits’ person that you are.

Remember, the only reason why you recognise self-limitation within you is because you an so much bigger than your limiting belief. YOU have a purpose and a contribution to make to the wider collective – your family, your friends and loved ones, your workplace, community, your business, your clients, people you lead and much more.

You are an expansive being. Finding out more about your purpose and developing it is key – learn more.

Overcoming self-limitation enables you attain your highest potential and in relation to others. You are a puzzle that is a part of the big picture.

Maggie Sarfo is a passionate author, speaker, advisor and mentor for inspirational people looking to explode sales growth revenue or access their highest potential. This blog is her playground, where she explores the topics of purpose, business growth, personal growth and peak performance. Learn more about her programmes.

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