3 Ways to Connect Business to Vision

How do we connect a business to its vision? Autumn is a great time to revamp growth. I think it’s fair to apply this both to our businesses and personal lives. What do you think?

If you follow this blog, then I would have intimated to you over the last week; in terms of what to expect over the next few months. Exciting times indeed!

So, what’s up and coming?

This is the first of a twelve-part blog series focused on Leadership. We address it from the business and personal aspects of leadership and

While exploring these challenges and opportunities with you, we will maintain the key pillars of focus for our blog: business growth, personal development and peak performance.

Tall order, did I hear you say? Well it is, and as you know, that’s where true transformational growth is achieved. If there’s one more thing I can promise you while launching this series, it is this.

In the pure spirit of autumn, expect:

  • Change
  • Mystery
  • Preservation (of that which is good, discarding that which no longer serve us).

Importance of Connection

Today I wanted to set the scene by bringing your attention to the importance of connection(s). As I got together with a couple of wise folks on this topic (myself excluded, of course). We came to the conclusion that this word is indeed very multi-faceted in meaning.

For the purpose of this article, let’s narrow it down to:

“the relationship between people in an organisational setting and their intention of moving towards a common goal.” nicely comes up with this definition which I thought was equally apt:

” a relationship in which a person or thing is linked or associated with something else”.

Let’s imagine a crew on the mother ship, embarking on a mission-critical journey. That is the picture of the connection a business has with its vision.

The basic principles of a business can be gleaned from its main strategy and vision (if they have one). This Forbes article demonstrates that.

As the strategy is formulated by the key leadership team and stakeholders, it is probably fair to say that, to a great extent, the strategy is a reflection of a company’s leadership, aims, priorities and ethos.

In so many ways, this picture is likely to reflect the personality of the organisation too – the mother ship.

So, the mother ship consists of the organisation’s leaders, its people, and the entire ecosysytem which is connected directly or indirectly to the business.

The extent to which the mother ship is successful largely depends on the strength of connection it has with all parties involved.

A strong connection is needed to move the ship in the direction of its vision and destination; the mission-critical journey!

3 Ways to Connect the Dots – Business to Vision

Can this analogy be applied to your business, whether big or small? To help you answer this question easily, here are another three questions to connect the dots:

1. How connected are my internal leaders, staff and internal stakeholders to our overall strategy, growth and vision?

2. How connected and educated (informed) are clients, prospects, suppliers and external stakeholders on our strategy, growth and vision (where appropriate to share)?

3. How equipped and focused is the mother ship on its mission-critical journey?

We will no doubt visit this topic again in more depth. It may be in relation and sales growth and enablement. Stay tuned and as always, thank you for liking, commenting below and sharing!

Maggie Sarfo is a passionate author, advisor and mentor for ambitious business executives, entrepreneurs and professionals looking to explode sales revenue, create new markets or access their highest potential. Her blog is her playground, where she explores the topics of business growth, personal growth and peak performance. Learn more about her programmes.

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