3 Ways to move from Desire to Accomplished

I have been delving a bit deeper into the topic of moving from desire to accomplished, which we touched on last week. You may recall we talked about these phrases that others have used to describe the process of moving from desire to accomplished much quicker:

– Achieving or manifesting in the now

– Living in the now

– Bringing 5D into 3D

– As above, so below 

This week’s story: From Desire …

Delving deeper has led to a particular principle about ‘thoughts’. How important our thoughts are; good or bad and how these

manifest into what we really want – the Hermetic Principles.

As meaningful strategic partnerships have been on my radar (or should I say in my thoughts), it’s not surprising that I’ve had really exciting conversations/meetings about such opportunities this week.

Creating partners

The first was with a couple of colleagues in a previous employment. Old friends and colleagues I haven’t met for a while. Sometimes these are the best partnership meetings.

Catching up, bringing new skills and services we’ve developed to the table so we can explore more partnership opportunities.

The second, an amazing stylist consultant and coach. I was a client of hers a couple of years ago. Our simple 30min call led to 3 potential new clients for my business and so many exciting areas we can collaborate on. I’m still buzzing with excitement as I write this!

Do you reckon I’m really on track to manifesting with my 5D hat on in 3D? Well, I hope so!

This week’s story:  to Accomplished?…

And today, I had the pleasure of being invited by a serial multi-millionaire entrepreneur to discuss some other potential partnership opportunities.

We talked a lot about their innovative business model which, for me, brings a perfect moment to express my thoughts on reinventing the wheel. I’ll share that with you in my next blog.

In the mean time, enjoy this video in case you missed it!

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