How to get ahead of the game – 2017

A very Happy New Year to you!

As we plan to improve our lives and businesses,
I wanted to draw your attention to how closely our personal
lives are linked with our business lives.

This also explains why I keep stressing that trying to separate your
personal life from your work life is really not going to create balance.
It will do the opposite.

Unless of course you currently find yourself in a business or work environment
where you’re not at all comfortable being yourself. Now that too is a different
topic to discuss another time.

My research, personal experience and knowing shows that all the very
successful people in all walks of life; business, sports etc. have spent
a tremendous amount of time equally in developing as a person as
well as developing their work/business.

So, as you plan for yet another year of success, I invite you to take a look at
my selected top 25 personal and business growth books for inspiration.

Read your recommended publication here:
Either way, share your thoughts with me in terms of the ones you’ve read
And perhaps others, that you think deserve a mention here.

It’s incredible how much more you get from a second or a third read of the
same book. Don’t hesitate to take multiple stabs at your favourite books.
There’s always a hidden gem to discover; a new idea which is exactly what
you need at this particular time, for your next breakthrough!

So how do you get ahead of the game this year in achieving your goals?

  1. Check out the list (be open-minded about it)
  2. Pick one.
  3. Read it in the next 30 days

And that’s it! Did I hear you say, it’s too simple?
Well the secret to success is ‘SIMPLICITY’.

As you read through your book, I strongly suggest you think about your No. 1 goal for this year.
And how some of the ideas you’re reading can ebb you a step closer to THE GOAL.

A very happy New Year to You. Here’s to your success!

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