3 Top Tips for Goal Setting

A very Happy New Year to you!

Backed by popular request, I decided to share 3 top tips that you can you use to ensure that the goals that you set for yourself in 2017 are going to work for you. This will ensure that you achieve success at the end of the year.

So the first thing I invite you to think about as you set  your goals is to ask yourself:

1. Is this a wish list?

And if it’s a wish list, then I’ll recommend you throw it out of the window because all the stats to show that wish lists literally go out of the window by the 15th of January.

So are you writing a wish list or is it something much bigger?you-matter

Once that’s covered, ask this second question:

2.  What am I going to become once I’ve achieved this goal?

Think about that again, what are you going to become after you’ve achieved these goals? The ultimate goal is not about achieving the goal but about the person you become once you’ve achieved it.

That should give you a good clue whether you’re setting yourself a good goal or not.

And finally, ask yourself again:

3. Am I raising the standards for myself?

The reason why it is important to ask yourself that question is because that’s what matters. How you define yourself as you grow into the person you want to become is hugely crucial.

It’s not about the wish list or achieving the goal. It’s about raising the standards and making sure that what you achieve at the end of the year is something that takes you to the next level in your life.

It’s about how you impact yourself and the world in a different way after achieving this goal.

I encourage you to think about these three top tips and hopefully, they will ensure that you’ve really set great goals to achieve this year.

So, the great tips are now revealed!

Are you making a wish list?

What will you become after achieving this goal?

Are you setting standards for and raising the bar for yourself?

Wishing you every success in your life and business in 2017.

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Thank you for watching.
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