Rise of True Virtual and Collaboration Workplaces

What is causing the rise of true virtual and collaboration workplace?

A recent re-connection with a good friend (John), during my Gartner days reiterated one of the reasons why I keep coming back to the relentless, fast-paced technology world.

More specifically, the digital and workplace collaboration space; and the technologies that make these futuristic ideas a reality in the now.

The Virtual Workplace

In it’s simplest form, Wiki describes a virtual workplace as one that is not located in any one physical space. It is usually in a network of several workplaces technologically connected (via a private network or the Internet) without regard to geographic boundaries.

Over the last two decades, digital workplace application, human resources and operations leaders have seen a great surge at employee and organisational level; for improved virtual and collaborative workplaces. This is also highlighted by Forrester and other analyst research houses.

Experience True Virtual and Collaboration Workplaces

In a true virtual workplace, employees are able to interact in a collaborative working environment; regardless of where they are located and in a human-centered way. It brings together the evolving needs of the employees, which are linked to peak performance; and the business priorities around higher profitability and reduced costs.

The true virtual workplace integrates software, hardware, people, and online/offline processes to achieve desired outcomes for all stakeholders (internal and external), including clients.

Whilst I’ve had my fair share of exploring these technologies from gotomeeting, Skype, Dropbox, Google Docs, Lync to Zoom, I have yet to come across a solution that is ‘always on’.

The Virtual Window Effect

This explains why I almost bit John’s arm off at the offer of a trial on Virtual Window; the newest, innovative collaboration software I’ve come across. I was particularly intrigued by how privacy works on different levels and equally fascinated by how the ‘KNOCK’ function worked.

The benefits for organisations taking advantage of this trend and opportunity are enormous and well-documented. It is therefore no surprise that collaboration technology continues to rank high on the priority agenda for most business leaders in small, mid-size to multi-national organisations.

How to Select True Virtual and Collaboration tools

If you’re looking to make a decision on collaborative tools as part of your virtual workplace and collaboration implementation, here are 3 key areas to consider:

  1. Understand the activity, context, and motivation for your collaboration (e.g. how do you collaborate today?)

2. Research and mark up a list of enabling technologies that support people and business priorities now and in the future

3. Communicate what virtual workplace and collaboration mean for your organisation for internal/external buy-in (e.g. is employee engagement through social and community spirit aligned to your performance – KPIs?)

Finally, remember some of these key overall benefits you’re looking to achieve: reduce time to revenue growth, enable better employee engagement and peak performance, reduce travel costs and enable better levels of privacy.

Next Steps – Your Virtual and Collaboration Workplace Journey

Some solutions including Virtual Window offer opportunities for exclusive trial of collaborative technologies. Learn more here.

Forbes innovation articles are a great resource when it comes to brushing up knowledge and making decisions about important technologies.

The way we work is changing forever. Are you a leader looking for competitive advantage and creating real bottom-line results? Combining people, social, culture, process and technologies is the way forward. Now is the time to embrace the Rise of True Virtual and Collaborative Workplace!


Maggie Sarfo is a passionate author, speaker, advisor and mentor for inspirational business leaders looking to explode growth revenue or access their highest potential. Her blog is her playground, where she explores the topics of business growth, personal growth and peak performance. Learn more about her programmes.

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