How to Manage Evolving Leadership Models

How do we manage evolving leadership models?

Or you might ask, what are evolving leadership models any way? I have been very curious and participated in various leadership models. You may recall I did a 12-part blog series on leadership in the last few months.

Today, we explore a case study, as I continue to deepen and share insights on how individuals, the collective and organisations are approaching or evolving their leadership models.

Evolving Leadership Models – The SES Way

The Sales Enablement Society (SES) is a volunteer organization focused on elevating the role of Sales Enablement in organizations worldwide through engagement, communication, research, and development.

If you’re a keen follower of this blog, you may also recall that my article ‘Sales Enablement – Conscious Battle and Winner’. I make reference to the global SES and how every inspirational sales, marketing, customer experience and growth leader should check them out; as an insightful and forward thinking community.

Having had the opportunity to be a member, while observing the challenges and successes of this society, I now have the pleasure of sharing some of my observations via this short video. I was challenged to do this by the founder Scott Santucci.

Evolving Leadership Models and Communities

Ori Brafman and some of his books, including ‘The Chaos Imperative’, have contributed to the success of this inspirational leadership model and community.

Before you listen and share your thoughts with us in the comments, here are a few facts about the society by Scott (via LinkedIn) to put things into context.

1) The vision in setting up our organization / society / community was to purposely NOT follow traditional org models.
2) We are running into a lot if misconceptions now that the entity has grown so fast (from 0 to 5000 members; 50 chapters, in 15 countries). We don’t have an effective way to manage expectations.
3) Lots of frustrations exist by people who project a lot of assumptions (based on current state bias) versus what we truly are: a network of people.

Virtual Leadership Models and Culture

Hope you enjoyed watching this. What are your thoughts? Do comment and share them with us…

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