6 Top Tips to turn one-time clients to repeat clients quickly

Time and time again, I hear clients ask how they can transition clients from one category into their desired category  where they can add more value and encourage clients to spend more with them.

This does not have to be an onerous task or process. In fact, as it happens, this is one of my favourite areas of expertise and I’ve been developing tried and tested systems which work over the last 15 years.

Depending on the whether your company is B2B or B2C, and the type of product/service you offer, these six top tips below should help you transition most clients from one basket into your desired higher ticket product or service quickly.

So, come with me and let’s explore together…

Do you find it difficult to get one-time clients to go on your repeat client list?

Do you find it daunting to get a client to increase their spend each time they buy from you?

The answer is within you! Your client wants to spend more. You just need to develop the relationship in a way that is unique to them.

Here come the tips:

1. Find the number 1 reason why your client buys from you

2. Deliver value that is over and above that reason and do this quickly

3. Check in and build the relationship – get your client to say the value they get from your relationship

4. You’re unique so have confidence in your ability to give your client a service/product no one else can provide

5. Now that you have positioned yourself as a trusted advisor, recommend that additional protrust-based-value-outcome-relationshipduct/service to your client

6. Agree a plan on how often you connect with your client

7. You should now earn the right to ask for more business


The key lies in treating your client as a unique individual, regardless of your company’s recognised value proposition that you’ve already shared.

This is what I call Human-Centered Selling. To grab your blueprint for exponential growth, click here!

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