3 Top Tips for Peak Performance

A week ago, I did a short Facebook Live video on my way back home after my yoga class.

I talked briefly about peak performance and the importance of keeping an eye on all aspects of our lives to enable us to perform at our peak.

Based on the great positive response I received, I decided to write this post.

This is because I sense this is an area more and more people are looking for insight on from a business and personal growth perspective.

Needless to say I feel quite empowered right now as I write this post with the intention that it makes an impact on you and your personal growth….


This will surely inspire you to perform at your peak or at least take the steps towards it!

As you may be aware, I normally look at Peak Performance from 4 main angles of development:

  • mental
  • emotional
  • physical and
  • spiritual

Under the emotional banner, I would like to invite you to explore the subject of empowerment.


How empowered do you feel as you go about your day-to-day activities?

Do you feel the need NOT to struggle for power because…well, you have ALL that it takes within you?

How about empowering others around you?

Do you empower others at home, work and social environments?


For true emotional balance which allows you to best perform at your peak, I suggest you follow these 3 top tips:

1. Stop the mental fight for power that goes on our head every minute.

2. Empower others around you – everyone has the innate wisdom for potential greatness. We just don’t allow them to use it.

3. Practise friendship with others – even if you know they will never be your true friend in a million years.

4. Practise servant leadership with others at work, home and in social settings (bonus point!).

peak performance

Easier said than done… I know….

The bane of my journey.

…but I promise you this. The more you think about and take a step in the direction of the 4 areas mentioned above, the less ego you’ll have.

And …wait for it….

The more true power you’ll start to develop and thus, perform better in the areas of your life you care most about.


Want a Book Tip? Go on then…END THE STRUGGLE AND DANCE WITH LIFE  by Susan Jeffers.

As always a healthy person performs at their peak all the time, so continue to live a healthier lifestyle.

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Thanks for checking in to read this and keep performing at your peak!


Maggie Sarfo

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