4 Tips… Trick Your Mind to Perform at its Peak

I’ve been reading a very interesting book this week.
Naturally, I can’t wait to share the story with you!

Ever noticed the difference between and a couch potato and that ridiculously fit person you secretly enjoy meeting down the street every day?
That’s pretty easy to spot, right?

But let me ask you this. Ever met someone who was simply glowing all the time, despite seemingly unfavourable circumstances.
Or they were simply at the top of their game; although you just couldn’t fathom what on earth they were doing that made them out-perform everyone else?

We all know them – that Olympic sportsperson, that top Sales performer, that amazing Business leader, the Housewife who makes life effortless for all the family…and the list goes on.

The secret lies in thepeakperfir ability to train their mind to enhance its performance; in a way that strongly distinguishes them from average people.
They devote a few minutes each day to bring their minds to focus on NOTHING!

Yes, you read that right – they focus their minds on NOTHING.
Essentially they talk to their minds to stop thinking about the million other things. If there’s one thing they truly desire, they then focus on what it feels to achieve the ONE thing.
They do this for about 10-30mins each morning and night.

Some may call it mindfulness, others may call it meditation. Bottomline, this is what propels them to out-perform others.

As if peak performance is not a good enough reason for you to give this a go, here are 4 top tips why we should all do it:

1. It makes you happier – it actually floods your brain with happiness!

2. It gives you more positive projections. No wonder. I know a world-class top sales performer who speaks to fewer people, has a smaller pipeline but closes a deal every single time!

3. It helps you focus.

4. It helps you heal – remember we talked about balancing all 4 aspects of you (emotional, physical, mental and spiritual) in our previous article 3 Top Tips for Peak Performance? Mindfulness or meditation is a good key.

So, there you are. Will you trick your mind to out-perform for you?
Imagine for a minute – what would you like to change in your life in the next 30 days? Would you take up the challenge to practice mindfulness/meditation each day for the next 30 days?

Are you really willing to ditch what no longer serves you and jump into your true greatness?

If so, I invite you join my coaching team for a ’30 days to Peak Performance Challenge’. breakfastIt’s a programme that helps you eat and exercise normally (eliminating caffeine, gluten and toxins from your diet), while performing at your peak.

Click Here for us to discuss success stories so you can decide if this could be for you!

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2 thoughts on “4 Tips… Trick Your Mind to Perform at its Peak”

  1. I do believe focus is important and the need to drown out the noise. However, can you elaborate on your definition of average people? “; in a way that strongly distinguishes them from average people”…
    My issue with this is that in the capital gains economy you endorse here, average is defined by someone who doesn’t focus on climbing a corporate hierarchy , perhaps they listen too much to marketing messages, media and self taught life coaches who are masquerading as an aid only to make more money for themselves. Maybe the system is the noise that they should drown out? Your thoughts please..

    1. Thanks Robert Hull. I use the term ‘average people’ very loosely here to describe anyone who does not see themselves as being on top of their game; especially if they were to compare themselves to recognised top performers in their category.
      I don’t necessarily endorse any form of economy. Having successfully climbed the corporate hierarchy and still working in partnership with corporate and entrepreneurial leaders, I focus on what is needed for individual peak performance regardless of the system.
      Listening to our intuition to identify aligned systems (or coaches where required) is key. Either way, I agree with you that tuning out the noise takes us to the place of ‘nothingness’ – which is where the magic starts to happen.

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