4 Top Tips To Engage Prospects in 2mins

Did you know that in a sales or any important meeting situation, all you have is two minutes or less to grab your prospect’s full attention?

Although this is widely known to some extent, no one brings it up in sales improvement and training conversations.

It accounts for making a huge enough impact, which then sets the scene for a great relationship with your prospect; right from the start.

Closing a deal in the end largely depends on this!


In order to do this, we have to be fully prepared in a way that ignites the right emotions we want to elicit from our prospect.

Emotions like anxiety or motivation are two examples.

maggiesarfo-com-6Your prospect should be at the centre of your first crucial 2 mins. They only care about the problem you can solve for them, not how great you or your product/service is!

To prepare however, you need to know what you and your company bring to the table and then translate this in a way that deeply connects with your prospect. The emotions from this communication is what gets your prospect to sit up and pay attention to you.

So, here are the tips to help you prepare on the YOU side of your story and talk to the prospects in a language and tone that says it’s all about THEM:

Tip 1 –  How clear are you about your prospect’s pain/problem that your product/service solves?
Tip 2 –  What makes you unique?
Tip 3 – Can you articulate and grab their attention in 60 secs?
Tip 4 – How do you come up with specific messages for different targets?


As this came up in some client conversations this week, I couldn’t help but do a quick video on it!


I hope it adds value to your meetings and increase your ability to connect and build relationships quickly.

You know what the direct business result of this is, right?

The quickly CLOSED DEAL!

So let me ask you this again, how quickly are you or your sales team getting their prospect’s full attention at the start of every meeting or call?

Best practice shows that two minutes or less is all they’ve got to make the biggest impact.

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Maggie Sarfo

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