How to Manage Emotions and Relationships for Peak Performance

Let’s take a deeper dive today and talk about the emotional aspects of our peak performance!

Specifically, the subject of relationships and emotional forgiveness.

What do you think?

Relationships are at the core of our existence. When managed well, they are a true source of happiness. Otherwise, they can also be our source of unhappiness. Our emotions are at the core of all our relationships; whether personal or business related.

The extent to which we perform well, given any scenario is dependent on how we feel about the scenario and the people we’re dealing with.

So, I would like to invite you to take a look at the people who are closest to you – this can be personal or at work. Pick one person whom you feel has wronged you in the past but it’s now all forgiven and forgotten.

Or is it really?

According to psychologists and neuroscientists including Dr. Athena Staik, a relationship expert, there are two forms of forgiveness:

  1. Decisional forgiveness – a mental decision to forgive someone. Sometimes this is not deep enough to heal the wounds of the hurt person nor make the offender fully see the error of their ways.
  2. Emotional forgiveness –  a process in which positive emotions replace unforgiving (negative) emotions.

In plain English, our best option is to work and grow towards Emotional forgiveness; where emotional-forgivenesswe simply drop the intention to forgive from our MIND into our HEART.

This is where true transformational healing can place for us to freely be on top of our game regardless of who’s around us and how they upset us in the past.

As we continue to celebrate the beauty of positive emotions in our nearest and dearest relationships, could we replace some of the mental forgiveness we’ve done in the past with heart-centered emotional forgiveness?

Can you IMAGINE how liberating this can be for you to ease into your higher performing self?

“True forgiveness is not an action after the fact; it is an attitude with which you enter each moment.” ~ DAVID RIDGE

We can only do our BEST!

As always a healthy person performs at their Peak, so continue to live a healthier lifestyle.

Tip – Did you know that plant-based protein shakes are better and easier to digest than animal ones?

Thanks for checking in to read this. Did you find it valuable? If so, feel free to share this with anyone.

Keep performing at your peak!

Maggie Sarfo

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