AI, Human Connections and Business Growth

The effective combination of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Human Intelligence (HI) is defining the peak of humanity’s future, evolution and that of businesses.

Something exciting has been happening over the last few decades; and certainly in the last few years. AI is becoming increasingly sexy and worthy of mention in many a context. We cannot ignore the contribution of solutions from  the Silicon Valleys of the world and other technology hubs. The even more glamorous and sexier contribution of Hollywood movies cannot be left out in this conversation. Neither can the work of dedicated media, analyst/research houses such as Gartner, Forrester, Frost and Sullivan etc. be ignored. We’ve seen thAI & BUSINESS (1)e various pros and cons of arguments presented.

I’m approaching this article from a slightly different angle; that of effectively combining AI and human connections for business growth. Our world is changing and so are our business concepts; especially where the most growth opportunities are likely to come from.

Business intelligence (BI)

Offline/online information gathering, dissemination and use of data is constantly a key topic on the agenda; both in the boardroom and other parts of the organisation. The question however, is how is business intelligence evolving in the advent of AI and HI.  Gathering data and using AI without applying human intelligence at a level that taps into both learned and innate skills will lead to a less than satisfactory business results.

Neuroscience and peak performance

I’m consistently amazed by how the gaps between the fields of quantum physics, neuroscience, brain chemistry, biology, and genetics have almost merged into one. This increasingly validates the closing gap between technology and humanity. Dr. Joe Dispenza’s book ‘Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself” throws more light on this. These subjects are not that separate anymore. The higher end technologies coming into the business world are intended to work at just the right level of human skill combination. This makes these technologies even more effective isuccess-perfn serving businesses, their growth plans,  their customers and their internal/external stakeholders. It is therefore important that business leaders and their teams are developed in a way that makes them more susceptible and open to data interpretation in a way that compliments AI. This is even more crucial in people-facing and operations roles.

A new way of connecting

In case you’re wondering, I’m not going to talk about social medial here; although it’s part of the big mix. In our attempt to make the most use of the equation AI + HI = exponential Business Growth, human connections, interpretation of AI and Big Data and how to combine all aspects in a synergistic way for growth is key.

The onus is on business leaders and their teams to individually and collectively connect with each other, customers, and internal/external stakeholders in a way that forms deeper relationships and mutual understanding. This is the way forward. This is what true context in this scenario is about. The ability to apply HI in a way that makes sense of BI, in order to effect the right level of execution with AI. The desired business growth results will then be achieved. This angle of the evolution, to a large extent, belongs to the people-facing teams within the organisation (sales, product, customer services, marketing etc). This Prospect Nurturing Worksheet is designed for these teams to connect in a way that makes customers and prospects want to buy more in future.

The other angle of the evolution to explore is for the operations teams. End to end business solutions, systems and structures that combine the right technologies (BI, BPM, AI, CRM, Big Data etc) with the right people effectively; to achieve the desired KPIs and growth results.

Tapping into exponential growth

Businesses, whether multi-nationals, midsize or small are now evaluating their goals, growth strategies and how they communicate this. This is essential for leaders wanting to be part of the long-term, sustainable and profitable growth that comes with AI. Communication and trust in the oneness of a business’s vision, mission and growth goals is a huge player here. People are making decisions to join organisations based on how they resonate with these principles.

Leaders, for your business to fsingularity-teamully benefit from AI + HI = exponential Growth, empower your strategy, sales, marketing, customer service, product, and operations teams. They must adopt these new ways of viewing information and AI, tapping into people skills (learned and innate). They also need to communicate internally and externally at a level that yields business results quickly; with appropriate technologies.

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Maggie Sarfo is a passionate author, advisor and mentor for ambitious business executives, entrepreneurs and professionals looking to explode sales revenue, create new markets or access their highest potential. Her blog is her playground, where she explores the topics of business growth, personal growth and peak performance. Book Your Complimentary Strategy Review.

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