Exponential Growth: 3 Ways Top Leaders Open Doors

Let’s discuss 3 ways top leaders open doors for exponential growth in their companies and inspire the people they come into contact with to do the same.

It’s been an interesting week as usual. Giving talks, holding workshops and discussing what growth looks like to a wide range of business leaders as they plan for 2018. This has inspired this 10th blog in our 12-part leadership series.

1. Resilience

The leaders I spoke to this week who are committed to exponential growth display a resilience of mind towards their ambitious goals in the coming year. They are open to exploring and removing outdated structures and patterns that are no longer relevant to their company, it’s people, clients and stakeholders.

2. Consistency

These leaders also show consistency in personal and team effort in achieving common goals; a great way to open doors for exponential growth. A particular client was able to map out to me how this consistency in effort is leading to achieving business KPIs and growth goals. They are achieving this through a common and clear message to the outside world.

3. Commitment to Evolution and Growth

Finally, one of the 3 ways top leaders open doors for exponential growth is through their commitment to evolution.

  • evolving the organisation – sales, marketing services and product teams are aligned for growth strategy and execution
  • evolving technologies – relevant technologies are embraced for sales and growth enablement – Forbes highlights some interesting tools for 2018.
  • evolving with customers/buyers  – it’s important to understand what it takes to build trusted partner relationships
  • evolving concepts, sales processes and methodologies – challenging the status quo to bring in larger deal sizes, longer term contracts and higher retention rates.

Managing all three of the above areas well, these business leaders I spoke to this week are set to reach the hallmark of exponential, long-term and sustainable profitability in their businesses. Whether you lead a small, mid-size or corporate business, these are crucial for opening doors for growth.

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