How to create/implement a winning sales strategy

What’s a winning sales strategy? Over the last few last few months, I’ve been asked by a number of business leaders about how best to stay ahead of sales targets all of the time.

This has led to other conversations around the strategies to employ to exceed sales targets. It’s not just about the strategies though. It’s also hugely about the execution of these strategies as you’ll understand in this vlog.

Why a Sales Strategy?

I’ve come across a number of sales teams, professionals and entrepreneurs who focus solely on execution without a strategy. There’s a problem is this approach. Don’t get me wrong this approach can actually get the numbers in; so much so that you may not associate any problems with it.

However, if you or your team is able to execute and bring in deals without a strategy, can you imagine what would happen, if you invested that little bit more effort into aligning this execution with a sales strategy? The strategy focuses everyone involved in sales, business growth, marketing, customer services and product development in an agreed direction.

This is part of your effective sales enablement.

The Vision and Direction

It’s the vision and direction that channels all efforts into exponential growth; both internally and externally (with the buyer and other stakeholders).

Creating and implementing a winning sales strategy is crucial for any business or individual with a focus on exponential growth. It’s important that we keep this simple, focused and consistent across the board.

The Winning Sales Strategy

In my latest webinar below, I outline 4 areas to focus on when creating and implementing this strategy. More importantly, I also give you an actionable advice in each area that can be executed on immediately in your business. Get more updates on similar webinars here!

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