3 Tips to Upgrade Prospect to Client

We take a break from our 12 part leadership series this week. This is so we can explore something more tactical – prospect nurturing!


As I write this vlog to share with you, I’ll soon be going on an online TV expert interview series to talk about Growth (business & personal).

It’s also the first of 3 events I’ll be speaking at this month. This is a local UK event, the others are global online summits. While I’m not sharing this to toot my horns, I’m hoping it inspires you to be consistent in any activity that propels you towards your goals.

Prospect Nurturing

Speaking of consistency, let’s look at 3 practical tips to master as part of your sales and business growth execution. Upgrading a prospect to client status (prospect nurturing) is so important, if we’re in business for business.
Watch the latest video I made on prospect nurturing below:

Hope you enjoyed watching and now have a gold nugget to go and execute on.

By the way, if you happen to be a personal development fan, you’ll enjoy this Guide: 5 Steps to Develop Your Purpose for Life/Business.

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